QCan I change the language option?

The language in GoldenSand follows the language preferences you set on your facebook account. If you wnat to change this, visit setting > general accaount setting on your facebook menu. If the language you set is not supported by GoldenSand, English will be showed.

QI would like to play under different names. Can I have more than one account?

No. Each player is only allowed one account. Once you create an account with your facebook account, you'll be given a unique ID number which cannot be changed.

QI have a number of facebook friends playing GoldenSand. But I can't find some of them from the friend bonus session when the daily bonus window runs.

You are given a friend bonus according to the number of your facebook friends who are "currently playing" Golden Sand. Please check whether or not the missing friends recently have played Golden Sand. If they have not had access for more than 4 weeks, they become "Inactive" so they are not considered as currently playing friends. How about calling them back and getting more bonus?

Chips & Carat

QWhat if I run out of chips?

GoldenSand offers pently of ways to get free chips. First, on a daily basis you will be given Daily Bonus on the moment you visit GoldenSand. Second, there is Time Bonus which gives you free chips every 10 minutes. Or, you can play Carat Game with Carats (you have collected from Betting Bonus) to win free chips as a prize. If you don't have enough carats, ask your friends to send some.

QHow can I get Betting Bonus ?

Each time you make a bet, your betting bonus gauge will be filled. When the gauge is full, you're able to collect a carat.

QCan I buy chips with real money?

If you want to increase your chip balance to take part in a high-stakes games, you can purchase chips from the shop. The shop button is on the top navigation bar.

QCan I buy carats with real money?

No. You can only buy chips from the shop.

QCan I buy chips for a friend as a gift?

GoldenSand does not provide players the option to buy chips to others. Instead, you are able to send your chips to other players as a gift. Visit other players' profile and click [send chips].

QCan I exchange chips for real money?

Chips are designed for entertainment. They have no monetary value, and cannot be sold or converted into real money.

Purchase & Refund

QI am having problems purchasing, how do I get help?

You may need to check whether the social casino service is legally allowed in the region you live. If you think it seems for technical issues or others, please refer our FAQs or else, email [ fb.support@gscasino.com ].

QWhere can I see my purchase history?

You will receive a confirmation email for every purchase you made. In the case you need more details, please email [ fb.support@gscasino.com ] with the subject line [Purchase History].

QHow do I know if my purchase has been successful? If my payment method was debited but my chips were not created, what should I do?

Please check that you received a confirmation email. If the amount of chips you bought have been created to your GoldenSand account, your purchase has been successful. If you have received the email but the chips are not created, please send the proof of payment information to [ fb.support@gscasino.com ] .

QCan I get a refund on chips I purchased but I won’t use?

Sorry, no. We have a no-return policy on all chips purchased.

QWhat payment methods can I use to purchase?

You will see the payment methods available once you have selected your chip package, and have proceeded to the checkout dialog.


QWhat happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?

If there was a disconnection and a player returned before the timeout and made an action before the timeout, the player can continue the game. But if a player fails to act within the given time, the hand is folded.

QWhat is the minimum buy-in?

The minimum of buy-in our poker room is [twenty] times the small blind.

QWhat is a ‘Rake’?

Rake is a small amount of chips taken from each game pot which is used for funding free chip bonuses. At the lower stake tables, GoldenSand takes a smaller rake. Please see our Rake page for exact information.

QCan I play with my friends at the same table?

GoldenSand is pleased for friends to play together. However, players are expected to play competitively against their friend as they would against any other player. Players must not share any information about their cards or make any agreements in secret.